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WGA Solidarity statement

Reel Families for Change (RFC) officially declares our stance of solidarity with our peers of the Writers Guild of America (WGA). In this day and age, the fight for fair wages, equitable treatment, and sustainable work practices should not even be a thing. A request to be treated with dignity and respect, for one’s craft and personhood, should not be a question at all.
While we appreciate the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers’ (AMPTP) acknowledgement of the importance of executive education to prevent free writer labor, it is our belief that such measures are not sufficient to address the urgent need for fair compensation and treatment of screen industry workers. Such an offer is a precautionary measure, meanwhile harm has already occurred.  If the AMPTP is truly interested in restoration, advancement, and collaboration moving forward, we at RFC gladly extend our services in support.
However, until such time as that takes place, we will work to establish aid to our friends of the WGA.
Our Family Care Grants were created during the pandemic to aid screen-workers in a time of crisis; when the future was uncertain and unsure — much like now. They are dispersed monthly after the 15th.  If you are a writer with caretaker obligations (or a screen professional adversely impacted by the strike), and need help sooner, please apply under “Rapid Relief”. 
As with many nonprofits in the mutual aid space, our resources are limited, so we expect the demand to exceed our supply.  Hence, every tax-deductible contribution helps. If you, your company, or your organization would like to contribute to our relief efforts, please be in touch.
All information regarding support and/or contributions can be found here on our website.  We look forward to supporting our entire community during this time.


In it with you always,
The RFC Leadership Team