Breaking Barriers for Families in Film

Workplace justice for caretakers in the screen industry


Doing work you love or building a life with the ones you love. No one should have to choose.


Everyone gets a seat; even if we have to bring our own chairs and build new tables.


Equity is key. We hold space for those traditionally silenced; in the workspace and beyond.

who we are. what we do.

As a 501(c)(3) thinktank, Reel Families for Change (RFC) is dedicated to generating meaningful and effective solutions for working families in the American screen industries.

To achieve our mission, we work closely with our members, coalition partners, and a dedicated team of local volunteers. Additionally, our work is made possible by generous supporters who help advance our research, policy, and advocacy efforts.

Every day, we strive to spotlight on those who have been traditionally underserved, overlooked, and silenced, in the entertainment industry and beyond. This includes,  but is not limited to women, mothers, parents, caregivers, BIPOCs, LGBTQ, and disabled individuals, as well as those living with mental health challenges and neurodiversities.

We acknowledge that this silencing is often intentional or internalized, but we refuse to accept it. That’s why we proudly speak up in favor of and stand alongside our peers; emboldening, empowering, and elevating their voices.

In short, Reel Families for Change is speaking up for a change.


Reel Families for Change designs transformative solutions by primarily leveraging three catalytic change vehicles:


Reshaping perspectives by centering the universal reality care: eventually, all of us will either need it or have to give it at some point.


Championing new policy and policy reform that supports working families, artist-caregivers, and non-salaried employees.


Creating comprehensive care infrastructures within the screen industry and in private corporations that hire screen professionals.