creative solutions
for systemic care

Elevating screenworkers’ voices for everyone’s work-life success.


Doing work you love or building a life with the ones you love. No one should have to choose.


Everyone gets a seat; even if we have to bring our own chairs and build new tables.


Equity is key. We hold space for those traditionally silenced; in the workspace and beyond.

who we are. what we do.

Reel Families for Change (RFC) is a dynamic 501(c)(3) think-tank powered by family-focused production professionals serving at the intersection of arts, economy, justice, and care.

Our work, fueled by dedicated scholars, analysts, advocates, local volunteers, and generous donors, empowers screenworkers to contribute to broader care economy discussions and design inclusive work-life solutions that work for them as well as their peers.

Despite being one of the oldest and most influential mediums, with one of the largest workforces, the screen industry lags in inclusivity and family support. That’s why we spotlight and champion the traditionally underserved daily; advocating for women, mothers, caregivers, BIPOCs, LGBTQ, and disabled individuals, as well as those with neurodiversities and mental health challenges.

And we know our focus on meaningful, data-backed solutions have far-reaching implications on other industries with similar workforce demographics, work-site transience, and unconventional work hours. 

By tackling intentional silencing, promoting family-friendly workplace practices, and advocating for systemic policy changes rooted in diverse perspectives, we can help build a sustainable, inclusive economy that works for today’s working families.


Reel Families for Change designs transformative solutions by primarily leveraging three catalytic change vehicles:


Debunking “us/them” narratives and reshaping perceptions about the universality of care: we’ll all inevitability need it or give it.


Championing policy development and reform, within our industry and beyond, that supports artist-caregiver, their families, and their work.


Creating comprehensive care solutions for screen professionals working in narrative, documentary, corporate, and commercial.

OUR colleagues & coalition partners

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