Written by Sarah Lutot

          The film industry has historically not been very conducive to workers with families because of its structure. Sixteen-hour work days, inadequate salaries, lack of childcare, and exclusive inner circles keep many workers from advancement opportunities. 

          This structure has proven to be unsustainable for workers with families; especially those who self-identify as women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, veterans, differently abled, etc. These disparities create a necessity for cultural shifts as well as the visibility of sponsors, mentors, and role models who are front-lining these changemaking efforts. 

          At Reel Families for Change (RFC), we champion the creation of a system of sustainable work-life balance that doesn’t force film workers with families out of the jobs that they love. 

       Through our advocacy, access, and inclusion efforts we aim to generate opportunities for  traditionally underrepresented, excluded, and multi-marginalized workers in the screen industry. The Spotlight Speakers Series highlights the risk-takers and changemakers already doing some amazing work for this cause. From ten-hour working days to childcare on set, these are individuals working to find solutions to improve workplace access and advancement; diversity, equity and inclusion; living wages; and sustainable production practices for all. Their work is vital to creating a safe, equitable, and opportune work environment; one that does not require the constant sacrifice of living a full life in the pursuit of one’s livelihood.

      We have gathered a group of incredible individuals who are setting new standards for the filmmaking industry, rewiring the structure that has excluded countless talented and dedicated screen workers since its inception. Among them is: Melissa Houghton, Bree Franks, Meg Messmer, Jon Bregel, Jennifer Price, and Bliss Griffin.

          These dedicated advocates and leaders, serve as architects, role models, and sponsors to every filmmaker who desires career success while still prioritizing their personal well-being.

          Connecting with individuals who are on the same track of real positive change provides access to a broad network of inspiration and perceptive ideas. Our diverse and expansive coalition of like minded partners is the very cornerstone of our foundation for creating better – better narratives, better expectations, better working conditions, and better outcomes. This network of trailblazing champions continues to grow, empowering countless others to take part in constructing their own path toward a more inclusive, equitable, and  sustainable film ecosystem.

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