Wednesday, June 22

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The RFC Sustainability Summit 2022 Mission:
Conscientious Creation  | Generative Leadership | Crafting Change


join us as we journey
"on the road to becoming..."

$250 Entity Admission   |    $95 Individuals
$175 Start-Up/Non-profit   |   $150 Minority-led Entity   |   $75 Minority Individual
*$0 Hardship Tickets & “Pay What You Wish” Options Available* 

As part of RFC’s full commitment to equity and anti-racism, additional financial support is available for BIPOC-led organizations and those who identify as underrepresented or multi-marginalized. Individuals and institutions that can afford the full ticket are invited to purchase at full cost to support scholarships for those in need. Scholarship queries are available within the registration form, but can also be submitted to

Each organization’s ticket purchase admits up to two representatives.
All tickets include access to session recordings for one year.





Brought to you by Reel Families for Change in partnership with Parent Artist Advocacy League for Performing Arts + Media, the Work-Life Sustainability Summit aims to highlight those working to improve production practices by centering humanity, family-support, and work-life balance. 


Please note that panel topics and order may be subject to change.

10:00 AM ET (7:00 AM PT)
Opening Remarks 


10:15 AM ET (7:15 AM PT)
Becoming Legitimate: Valuing and Validating Screen Work as Skilled Work 
In this session, we’ll explore the romanticization of arts work and how we can reframe the way we’re seen, treated, and supported as creative professionals. 


11:00 AM ET (8:00 AM PT)
Becoming Generative Leaders & Reducing Harm
Join us for this courageous conversation as we explore how practical, sustainable, and compassionate solutions emerge when place  power distribution, dignity, value, and respect at the center of our work culture.

12:00 PM ET (9:00 AM PT)


1:00 PM ET (10:00 AM PT)
Becoming Sovereign & Sustainable: Financial Planning for Filmmakers and Freelancers
Just how can you create a viable financial plan in a “feast or famine” industry like ours? This guided strategy session will cover practical tips for protecting yourself, and your loved ones, as a project-based worker regardless of where you are in your career.



2:00 PM ET (11:00 AM PT)
Becoming Safe On-Set: Intimacy, Consent, and Well-Being For All
Meet for us for a candid, vulnerable discussion with intimacy coordinators, stunt actors, directors, and advocates about the correlation between emotional well-being and physical safety on-set. 


2:50 PM ET (11:50 AM PT)
Closing Remarks


3:00 PM ET (12:00 PM PT)
Community Networking Hour