Production Shouldn't be Care-less

Want to “center care” for your crew? From 10-hour days to dependent care coverage; we can help.

Time Sensibility

10-hour days increase safety and productivity on-set. Let us help you design a time-sensible production.

Flex-Time Options

Learn how effective asynchronous models can increase worker options and improve project outcomes.

Job Sharing Solutions

Alleviate overwhelm, minimize slow-downs, and COVID-proof your next production with this one.

Dependent Care

In-home, on-set, or nearby. Children, adults, and pets. You've asked. Well, we're here to answer.

We’ve got you covered

With our future-focused approach to supporting working film families, there’s no better partner for your next production project.
 Join us and see how making your set care-full can be stress-free.


“The days of Care-Less
Productions are over!”

Rachel Spencer Hewitt
PAAL Founder

Childcare On-Set

PAAL Theatre is revolutionizing access to childcare in the theatre space and modeling replicable solutions for production.

Role Models

Hear from those doing the work. We’re proud to build upon their foundation to support working families in film/tv.
Matt Miller
Vanishing Angle President

Time-Sensible Days

“We [at Vanishing Angle] found10-hour days just made good business sense. Your team trusts the process, they trust you, and you get a better product as a result."

Chiquita Lockley
OWN Spotlight Documentarian

Generative Leadership

“Safety on-set really is about all the things we need to be okay as we work -- physical, emotional, or otherwise. [Lady Lock Productions] is making that a priority for sure."

Your Crew, Your Choice

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In addition to the fact that we’re a nonprofit and therefore driven by our mission, we’re also filmmakers, caretakers, and strategists.  Our diverse team is capable of understanding where you’re coming from while getting you where you need to go. 

In addition to sponsored funds and donor giving that enable us to subsidize a portion of all fees, we also use an equity pool model.  The bigger the pool, the more flexible the rates.  This ensures a win-win-win structure that allows everyone to benefit.

Sooner than you might think… but just a little bit longer. Because we want to be sure we can deliver on the quality care and affordable pricing we promised for at least a couple of years before launching full-scale, we’re currently working to raise the final $80, 000. 

If you’d like to support with a major gift, please contact our Partnership Team at

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